Worship Night: Let Us Gather Together

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Next Sunday, we’re dedicating an entire evening to worshipping our Creator. Maybe you listen to worship music nonstop during your commute, or maybe the four songs you sing on Sundays is the extent of your worship for the week. Maybe you raise your hands in passion or you stand quietly still before God. No matter how often you worship or what your style is, we’d like you to join us on the evening of November 9 to unite our hearts and voices in praise and thanks.

The whole family is invited! We always make an effort at worship nights like this to include children and youth and demonstrate to them to beauty and power of worship. (Childcare will be provided for kids age 4 and under.)

One aspect of worship we hope to emphasize is the idea of giving as worship. We will be collecting new socks for Open House Ministries, a local shelter that focuses on equipping families with the tools, networks, and skills to live healthy, independent lives. Sunday’s sermon addressed our personal ministries and the ways in which each of us can serve. Even if you struggle with feeling like you have nothing to offer in service of God, giving a simple pair of socks is one small way to show His love to our community. And what is worship besides reflecting God’s love back to Him?

So join us next Sunday, November 9, at 6:30 PM – and don’t forget your socks.

Your Personal Ministry: Do Something!

Bet you didn’t think smiling or giving someone a hug could be used to serve God, did you?

The truth is, we all have something to offer which God can use to make a difference. Look at the list of service opportunities from Sunday. It includes everything from building maintenance to graphic design to baking to volunteering with kids. Some have a large time commitment; others will be called upon only occasionally. Some require years of training; most just ask for whatever you have to offer!

What you have to offer doesn’t have to be big – in fact, it shouldn’t be big. It can’t be, otherwise how would we trust God to do what only He can do? If you feel a tug to serve, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, follow through with it and see how God uses it and makes it great.

If you think what you have to give is too small, the truth is you’re just making an excuse to avoid being used of God. God gave you abilities and talents and resources, and if you’re open to it, God will call on you to use them, even if you don’t feel completely qualified to do so. That’s where He steps in, and that’s where great things happen. One person offered up a small lunch, and Jesus fed thousands of people from that one small gift. What miracles can He work from what you have to offer? Pay attention to that tug and see what happens next.

Try the prayer from this Sunday’s bulletin:

“Father, open my eyes to the need in front of me. Show me what I can do, then reveal Your power in what only You can do.”

Neewollah 2014 is Almost Here!


Our huge fall outreach, Neewollah, is only two weeks away! This event, on October 31st from 6p-9p, is free to the community, and we need some help from you!

First of all, we need a LOT of candy. We package over 600 bags so everyone who attends will get to take candy home with them. Please bring your donation of individually-wrapped candy this Sunday and place it in the trunk in the foyer.

We also need corn stalks for decorating!  Let us know if you have connections and can get some corn stalks.

And, lastly, we need you to invite your family and friends! Neewollah is one of our biggest outreach events, with food and fun for the whole family: goodies, games, prizes, bounce houses, a maze and a barrel train ride! Put on a costume and join us…you won’t want to miss it.

Thank you so much, Real Life, for being such a generous and loving community!

Welcome Home

Welcome Back Sunday is in two days and I want to speak to the heart of the matter. The reason that this Sunday is so important is because of you. You are deeply loved by God. You were created to live in community – we all need a little love, support, and encouragement; a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and someone to stand with us, always. That’s community. That’s what God wants his church to be, and it can only be accomplished with you there.

So join me this Sunday. I’ll be waiting to shake your hand or give you a hug at the door.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Come to Welcome Back Sunday

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This Sunday, join us at Real Life Church for Welcome Back Sunday! Churches across the nation are using this Sunday is a special time to gather their congregations back together after their hectic, vacation- and activity-filled summers. Here are 5 reasons to join us:

1. It’s a great chance to build – or return to – community. Been gone a lot this summer? No worries! Everyone has busy times, and Welcome Back Sunday is a great opportunity to settle back in with our church community. If you’re new to Real Life, this is the perfect time to start because it’ll be a full house!

2. It’ll help build a healthy routine. Romans 12:4-5 compares the Christian community to the human body: “The body we’re talking about is Christ’s body of chosen people. Each of us finds our meaning and function as part of his body. But as a chopped-off finger or cut-off toe we wouldn’t amount to much, would we?” Regular church attendance is important so you can hear God’s Word frequently and get to know Christ and develop true relationship with him. Welcome Back Sunday is a great way to start making church (a super awesome church at that) part of your fall routine.

3. It’s huge! We’re calling it Welcome Back Sunday, but we’re not the only ones participating: Back to Church Sunday is a nationwide event, so you’ll be joining the millions of others in the American body of believers all returning to church at the same time! Pretty cool, huh?

4. There will be prizes! There’ll be lots of chances to win neat prizes at both services this Sunday! You might even win the grand prize: tickets to the Neon Steeple Tour to see Crowder, All Sons & Daughters, and Capital Kings!

5. We’ve missed you! Yeah, you! Really! Even if you don’t talk to many people and don’t think anyone’s noticed you’ve been gone, trust me, someone has, and they’ve been thinking about you and wondering when you’ll be back! Don’t get mired in negative thinking that says that because you’ve been gone for so long, you can’t come back – you can never be gone so long that we won’t be happy to see you when you return. The big guy upstairs will be happy you’re back, too.


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