Love Mondays: Washington’s Foster Care Crisis

Washington’s foster care system is in crisis. Despite ever-growing need, the number of foster homes has dropped by 1,000 in recent years. There are an estimated 9,000 foster children in the state, and of those, around 600 are in therapeutic foster care or rehabilitative services, the highest-need tier. The number of Clark County homes for those vulnerable children? Six.

As a result, kids who can’t get a placement are having to sleeping in DSHS office lobbies or hotels. These children are in need of stability and support during this challenging time in their lives, and if they can’t be placed in homes or have to move between homes too frequently, they could face mental health issues, drug use, or even jail time.

Real Life is hosting an info night with Catholic Community Services, a local service organization, to spread the word about becoming a foster parent. Real Life community member Sarah and her coworker will share about their experiences with CCS and what the organization offers to support foster parents, while current foster parents from our own community will share their stories about caring for foster children. Come hear the full story about becoming a foster parent and how you can change a child’s life!

This event is free and it runs from 6:30-7:30pm, Tuesday, Oct. 25th.

Worship Wednesday: “God With Us”

We’re doing Worship Wednesday a little differently this week. This isn’t a song we’ve ever sung in church, but it’s still a beautiful song that we hope broadens your worship horizons! Worship co-leader Christie recommended it, saying the whole album is a favorite at their house for how “worshipful and uplifting” it is. Let it connect you to the Father today!

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Love Mondays: Worship Is Love


The changing seasons always feel like new beginnings. Maybe I’m feeling a little more generous towards autumn because it’s not raining today, but something about the new colors in the trees and the crisp air makes me feel like I’m starting fresh.

It’s a new season and a new week. What are you going to do with it?

Yesterday, we talked about Romans 6 and what it means to be free in Christ. With God’s power in us, we’re free from the need to respond to sin and temptation. We dwell in the Spirit, the boundless love God has for us. He treasures us and wants to work in and through us!

It makes me sit back in my chair and think. Honestly, those first thoughts are something along the lines of “No way. Me? What does He want with me?”

And I guess I don’t know yet what exactly He wants, but I do know He has something for me every day, and I’m excited to receive it.

God’s love is for everyone – even me, even you, even that one guy you can’t stand. God loves that guy. And God loves you, too! Come celebrate that at our worship gathering Friday night. We’ll meet at the church and rock out for a while! Hope to see you there – it all begins at 7pm!

Laura wears a lot of hats at Real Life: social media coordinator, outreach coordinator, retreat planner, and editor at large. Luckily she looks good in hats.

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