Monday Morning Faith

I love Sundays at Real Life Church.  There is something so special about gathering together with people who are openly and honestly seeking God.  I love being a part of authentic worship, where God is lifted up and glorified.  I love when the word of God is proclaimed with passion and clarity.  I am inspired, I am energized, and my faith is strengthened.

Basically, I love Sundays!  In fact, I hate missing them!  I will even come home a day early from vacation just so I can experience it all.  God is so good, I don’t want to miss a single Sunday.

But what about Mondays?  It seems so easy on Sunday to live by faith.  Everything seems so clear, so positive, so possible.  I can climb mountains on Sunday!  But Monday is another story.

Monday has bills to pay, work to do, unresolved conflicts to face, challenging relationships, personal weaknesses and a diet to get back on after the weekend.  “Sunday faith” is effortless, but “Monday faith” can be harder to reach.

The truth is God is the same on Monday as He is on Sunday.  So what changed?

Well, me, of course – or my attitude, or my focus, or something.  Whatever the cause, the change is on my side of the equation.

So here are just a few helpful Monday faith builders:

1. First, start every Monday with optimism.  Expect God to do the miracles.  Remember Romans 8:31: when God is on our side, how can we lose?

2. Remember God is a truth-teller.  You can depend on Him to do what He said, every time, without fail.

3. God is always with you, even if you don’t feel like it.  Your feelings may try to tell you otherwise, but feelings can’t be trusted.  They are fickle, crazy and terribly unreliable, even if they can be really hard to ignore.

4. Remind yourself of what God has done in your life.  What He has done, He will do again!

5. Worship, even if it’s just for the little stuff.  Does the car still start?  Worship.  Did you make it to the treadmill today?  Worship.  You’re not out of milk after all?  Worship!

6. Serve.  When you serve, God pours through you into some else.

7. Tell your faith story to someone.  Speaking out loud what God has done encourages you as well as others.

8. Pick a Monday friend to encourage, and ask them to encourage you.

9. Pray!  There is nothing like a good talk with God.  Open up your heart to hear from Him – you just did it yesterday, so why not today?

10. Just trust.  Having “Monday faith” starts with a simple decision to do it – so do it.  You can, and He will help you!

Faith is a work in progress, always growing, so keep after it.  Remember Sunday’s coming!  And then, yes, Monday again… but you may just start to love Mondays, too.

-Pastor Jeff

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