10,000 Reasons Project: Take 30 Seconds

The 10,000 Reasons Project has only been going on for a couple days, and we’ve already gotten some truly inspiring lists from our community members!  I love seeing everyone take a few moments from their day to think about the things they’re thankful for and lift them up in praise.

Ten thousand is a daunting number, but I know we can reach it!  We all have so much to be grateful for.  We have been blessed in so many ways.  If you need a little inspiration, just check out the first post to see our friends’ reasons to love God.

This morning, I’m thankful for:

  • my sister’s opportunity to study in France
  • time to read!
  • hot showers
  • the Oregon coast
  • how God healed David E.
  • Life Groups!
  • my spiritual family – the people God placed in my life for mutual support and joy

There – and that only took a few seconds!  If we all took 30 seconds from our day and thought of seven reasons to praise God, how long would it take to get to 10,000?  Or, more importantly, how long after that could we keep going?  After all, our God is the infinite God of the universe!  He loves us and He has great plans for us!  What can you offer up to Him in praise during your 30 seconds?



  • I am thankful for
    My church
    My job
    My home, heat, food
    Hot showers
    My sight and hearing to see and hear the beauty God has made

  • thankful to be alive
    thankful for Gods sustaining grace
    thankful for words of encouragement
    thankful for fresh starts

    I am in awe of God’s:
    attention to me
    leading me
    provision for my needs
    provision in my for my desires

    God uses me to do his will
    new life
    a hope and a future
    selfless love found in the friendship of a good dog.
    seeing God’s love shine though my Girls

  • I am just thankful for the ability to wake up this AM and see the wonderful colors God has created, the ability to hear the sounds he has allowed me to hear. I thank God for the ability to touch the things God has placed in front of me and the ability to love those around me.

  • This morning I’m thankful for:
    -supportive family
    -people who can discuss controversial topics calmly and rationally
    -my Jeep
    -epic breakfasts (thanks to previous commenters for reminding me…mmm, bacon!)
    -Mom’s advice

    Food that tastes good
    Medicine when we’re sick
    Real Life Church
    The privilege of watching our kids grow
    Our health
    Answered prayer
    Unanswered prayer

  • I am thankful for-
    -my husband
    -my children who are working to build up God’s kingdom on earth and teaching others about it.
    -my grand children learning how to love and serve Jesus.
    – the warm and secure home God has provided.
    -God’s provision for my needs with an abundance that can be shared with others.
    -three day weekends.
    -prayer partners at work.
    -Debbie T.’s successful surgery.

  • I am in awe of God’s great love for me this morning. I’m so thankful for the cross. Jesus has 10,000 ways to get my focus back on him and this song is one of the ways he did this today: http://worshiptogether.com/songs/songdetail.aspx?iid=577430

    Stuart Townend talks about this song on the video… well worth the watch!

    All in all… I’m so thankful for the cross and the life I have in Jesus because of his love for me.

  • people who are crazy in love with Jesus
    nothing is to hard for God
    no one is too far from God for Him to reach them.
    dried fruit its like candy without the guilt
    hot water

  • Today I am thankful for Children. I had the opportunity to help out in kidz life. How much fun can a kid have learning about God? It was great watching the Kindegarten and 1st
    graders open up about how they are going to behave.
    A few more things I am thankful for today.
    My awesome wife
    Freedom (Thanks to all you veterans)
    Gainful employment
    Good Food

  • Power of worship
    Power of a thankful heart
    A god who is a strong fortress
    A God who leads
    A God who supplies
    A God who delights
    A God who is everlasting
    All creation sings his praise.
    His love reflected in the laughter of children
    Real Life community
    Celebration communion together

  • Right now I am thankful for:
    The unfailing love of Jesus
    My brilliant hard working husband who has tireless fearless determination
    A healthy pregnancy and the ability to bear children
    Legs that run and love it
    Clean water whenever I need it
    Loving friends and family
    A job that I love and enjoy
    Teeth that chew and break down food
    Craving nutritious foods
    A comfortable cozy bed
    The Word of God
    Eyes that see
    Ears that hear
    Hands that feel

  • I’m Thankful for my 2 Amazing Girls, both being blessed in so Many Ways, Amanda with the Beauty of having her first baby growing inside of her and her & Ben buying their first Home. Then Katie, Our Amazing Smart Talented Daughter doing great in her senior year of High School & Eagerly planning her Move to George Fox Next Fall, and I have the support & Love from an Amazing Man who Loves me Unconditionally. God is Good!

  • Today I am thankful for the trees the lots put on this earth so that I can have shade in the summer to stay cool and firewood in the winter to stay warm!
    I’m thankful for roof over my head to keep me dry
    And im thankful for modern technology that allowed me to drop a quick text to family that I haven’t talked to in a year just to say hi and that I’m thinking of them.

  • This morning I’m thinking a lot about the visual we use sometimes of God coming alongside us in times of need…that’s been on my heart a lot the last few days. I love the feeling of realizing I’m not walking alone. -Laura

  • I am thankful for
    my children
    my husband
    my daughter’s teacher
    the time to volunteer in my daughter’s classroom
    my well behaved son while I am volunteering
    my computer and internet access
    my sister and her taking the time to come visit

  • my job
    my friends
    my wife
    my kids
    my grandkids
    my dogs
    my home
    Gods grace
    Gods forgiveness
    my parents
    Gods generosity
    living in Vancouver,Wa.
    my health

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