Christmas Carol Devotionals: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

YouVersion and have put together a clever devotional series based on Christmas carols!  We’ll discuss a few here on the blog based on the carols we sing during Advent, but we highly encourage each of you to go through the plan on your own.  Sign up at YouVersion or leave a comment to have a PDF version emailed to you.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

“Emmanuel” means “God with us,” the name prophesied for Jesus by Isaiah 700 years before Christ’s birth.  “O Come Emmanuel” reflects the somber spirits of the Israelites as they celebrate the impending arrival of their Savior, having been promised to them despite the Israelites’ turning away from God over and over again: “[The Israelites] are in exile, separated from God yet again.  With a sober perspective, they choose to rejoice in the promise God has made to them.  With nothing else to cling to, in the midst of desperation and loneliness, they recall and proclaim the promise that God would be with them – knowing that, in spite of their unfaithfulness, God is faithful to His promises.  No one could have expected a baby in a manger to be the start of God’s perfect plan to be “with us.”  And yet, that is exactly how God fulfilled His promise.”

“Are you waiting for God to come through on a promise He has made?  Do you feel a sense of loneliness or exile?  Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Through Christ, God has made Himself present to us.  His faithfulness is greater than our failure.  And His presence is all the reason we need to, once more, rejoice!”

“Since God is “Emmanuel,” how is God with you this holiday season?”

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