Following History Channel’s “The Bible” – Week 1

The History Channel debuted its epic miniseries called “The Bible” on March 3rd.  The series will run for five weeks and cover every major event in the Bible, from Creation to Revelations.

We encourage you to watch a few episodes with your families and discuss them!  (However, the series does have some PG-13 violence, so please use discretion.)  Each week on this blog, we’ll offer a summary of the previous episode and provide a few questions to help guide your discussion.

Here’s a summary of the first episode:

From perfect beginnings, mankind soon falters and God sends a devastating flood. Noah’s descendent Abraham hears the voice of God and is promised a land and a nation – a seemingly impossible outcome as his wife Sarah cannot bear children.  Yet, through a series of tests, Abraham’s faith holds out, and he is rewarded with a family. His descendents form the twelve tribes of Israel and God’s chosen people begin to populate the Promised Land. But famine strikes, and the Israelites are forced into exile to Egypt, where they are brutally enslaved by Pharaoh. They now need a new leader to save them. The chosen man is Moses and, after God appears to him in a vision, he knows what must be done. Bravely and dramatically, Moses leads his people out of exile, across the Red Sea, and back towards the Promised Land. In the wilderness, God renews his promise of a land and nation of their own, but they must live by the rules. Moses accepts from God the Ten Commandments, a moral framework for the just society the Israelites must forge when they reach the Promised Land.

Did you watch it? Here are a few questions to think about:

  • God’s creation is majestic. How have you connected to God through His creation?
  • To be chosen by God is both a blessing and a test. Abraham had to prove his faith over and over. Share one or two ways that God has tested your faith. How did you respond to your test of faith?
  • What’s one thing that God might be calling you to sacrifice in your life right now?
  • The plagues and Passover represent the importance of listening to God. How well do you listen to God? In what ways do you hear from Him?

Check back each week for more questions!

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