Poetry from Scripture

In the Good Friday service, Faith read a few poems that were created based on Bible verses.  If you couldn’t make it to the service or just want to read them again, here they are!

Based on Romans 1:18-2:6

A people infected in a world that’s broken
The streets are lined with vile devotion
The curse of death and its violent commotion
Void and empty, again, a formless ocean.

People consuming, consuming their brothers
Avoiding the poor, the weak, the widowed mothers
Degrading their bodies with deep lust for another
Life and breath, God’s spirit they smother.

And a Voice calls out but is silenced by vanity
No desire for God, not for this lost humanity.

Yet, God keeps calling. But we’ve suppressed the truth.
God’s desire for each, in desperate love He pursues
Mountains, and streams and the rainbow’s hues.
Invisible made visible, leaving none with excuse.

But with rebellion comes our unfortunate dues
Given to our sin, consequence, where death ensues.
Death to our hearts. Death to our souls.
Death to our children.  Death to the world.

And a Voice calls out but is silenced by vanity
No desire for God, not for this lost humanity.

And then there’s the pious, the religious and right
Judging all those who are lost in the night
Looking past themselves, past the God they’ve denied
Past the log firmly planted in their eyes.

Their fingers are curled, their arms extended
Keeping back the sinners, lowly and dejected
Their hearts are pure, they’re clean, “the elected”
Yet all the while it’s Jesus they’ve rejected.

And a Voice calls out but is silenced by vanity
No desire for God, not for this lost humanity.

Based on Romans 5

From dust,
He was given the first breath of life.
Out of his ribs,
flesh to flesh, begot his wife.
In the garden,
there the two, with God, coexisted,
Perfect bliss divided
when pride and selfishness persisted.

Death to all,
through one man, the first
One choice
gushed shame, denying the blame
The sin
passed down, all humanity cursed
to death, haunting everyone the same.

Death reigned,
it ruled for thousands of years
God’s Law,
it came and exposed our plight
Through One,
Many died, our anguish severe
But One,
Came too, to make things right.

From the manger,
the God-man, breathed first as a babe
Becoming flesh
to offer it to humanity enslaved.
For the world,
with sin, and death to destroy.
The Christ with His life,
disrupted the enemy’s ploy.

Romans 12:1-2

Therefore I urge you, to give your life in surrender
Set apart as an expression of Christ’s glory and splendor.
The glory of a Kingdom that the world cannot understand.
The splendor of a crown of thorns and bloodied outstretched hands.

Therefore I urge you, to oppose the patterns of this worldly realm
Seek to empower by coming under with love to overwhelm
Give your accursedness to God and allow your mind to be renewed
Allow the Lord to take your whole heart, your soul, your worldview

By this you will know the perfect and redemptive desires of the Lord
By this you wield the power of the cross and yield the power of the sword.
By this you can test what is cast under the dark and obscure.
By this you will be able to test and approve His will as you draw near.

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