Expansion Project: 20% Seated!

As of this week, 4o chairs have been purchased!  That’s 20% of our goal!

Curious what they’ll look like?  Here you go:

Addy armless stacker chair_blackTa da! These new chairs are more compact, allowing us to fit over 70 additional chairs – and worshippers – into each service.  They’re also lighter and easier to move around, which will make setting up for services and events approximately 500% easier! (Give or take 5%.)

As part of the Expansion Project, we’re asking each member of our community to purchase two chairs, one for them and one for a friend or potential visitor.  They cost $55, and you can buy online or use the offering envelopes on Sunday.

Just think about it: for $55, you can physically make a space for someone new to meet Christ.  Your investment now can lead directly to someone embarking a new, fruitful, life-changing relationship with our Savior!  Real Life is proud of our individual connections and relationships with each other – just check out some of Our Stories and you’ll see how many people have joined our community because a current member invited them.  If we don’t have the physical space for all the people in our lives who could know Christ, we’re losing the opportunity to invite them.  We’re losing the chance to help change their lives.

Buy a chair, change a life.  It’s that simple!

If you’re still wondering what all this Expansion Project chatter is about, read this post and our FAQs.  We’d also love to have you at our town-hall Q&A session on Sunday at 6pm.  If you have questions that aren’t answered yet, please feel free to leave a comment here or on our Facebook page, or email us!

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