Things We’re Reading


Affirming your spouse publicly can have unexpected benefits.


In case you missed it, here’s the new song we sang in worship this week: “Orion” by Ghost Ship.  It was inspired by the story of Job and reminds us that God has everything under control. Here’s the chorus:

The hands that own the stars above will never let me go
The one who holds the heavens up, in Him I put my hope
Who am I that You should love and bind in Your embrace?
What God is this who holds the stars and guides me in His grace?


Hey, have you seen our new and improved staff page?  We clean up good!


The fall session of Life Groups starts this Sunday!  Have you signed up for one yet?  If you’re still undecided, don’t miss this Sunday – all the Life Group leaders will be present for you to meet and chat with!


Actually, you don’t want to miss this Sunday, no matter what: the new chairs are here and we’re ready to fill them with people!  Our new stage is set up and the worship team is ready to lead:

1239910_681725854413_752115495_n(oh yeah, we’re on Instagram now!)

We have seats to fill – this is the time to let Christ flow through you and reach someone who hasn’t been reached yet!  Who will it be?  We’re excited to meet them!

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