Opportunities to Help Kidz

Eighty percent of Christians made their commitment to Christ between the ages of 4-14.  Eighty percent!  We put a lot of focus on and effort in our Kidz Life and Student Ministries program, and that figure is why.

There are three opportunities coming up for you to help out our kids:

1. Fall Frenzy, October 6th at 1pm!

If you’ve ever been curious about what we do in Kidz Life and how you can get involved, this is a meeting you won’t want to miss!  There will be great food, inspiring information, and door prizes!

2. Neewollah!

It’s coming!  Every year, hundreds of local kids come to Real Life to play games, snack, and enjoy some safe, family-friendly holiday fun!  This even is free, but we need your help to pull it off.  Specifically, we need volunteers and we need candy!  Drop off bags of individually-packaged, store-bought candy on Sundays between now and the 27th.

We need volunteers on two important days: our setup Sunday on the 27th starting at 1pm, and Neewollah itself, on the 31st from 6-9pm.  To make Sunday the 27th extra awesome, we’re kicking off the setting-up fun with a chili cook-off!  Bring your favorite chili to compete, or bring a dessert.  After the judging by an expert* panel of local chili fanatics and feasting on gallons and gallons of chili, stick around to decorate for Neewollah!

*not really

3. Sprucefest!

Okay, so this isn’t specifically for kids, but it’ll help them a lot!  Bring the whole family tomorrow between 9am-3pm, rain or shine, to get the building and property all spiffed up for fall – and our big launch Sunday this week!

(If you come, you’ll be the first to see the brand-new chairs!)

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