Expectations As “Talking with God” Begins

On Sunday, we start our new series “Talking with God.” Prayer can sometimes be a mystery. Does God still speak to people like He did in the Bible? Why do we feel so far away from God at times? Does prayer really make a difference?

We have all been there asking those questions, and that’s why this series is so important! God deeply desires to communicate with us in a real and intimate way.

Would you pray with me for this Sunday?

1. Pray that God would make His presence known to every person that comes on Sunday.

2. Pray that people would have the courage to remove the barriers that are hindering their prayers.  (Some of those barriers are disobedience to His word and fighting with His other kids – He wants us to get along!)

3. Pray that each of us would extend an invitation to have at least one person join them this Sunday. (You can send an e-vite if you don’t want to have to actually talk to someone!)

I believe that God is moving at Real Life in a profound way. Let’s not miss out on all that God has in store for us!

Don’t miss this day – it is going to be something special.



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