Expectations: Meditation in Real Life

“May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you,
O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”  

Psalm 19:14 (NLT)

This verse is from one of my favorite Psalms!  I love this prayer of David and have prayed it to God myself many times on life’s journey.  God, may what I say and the things I dwell on please You because You are my foundation and the one who brings me to life!

When we talk with God, it is not a one-way conversation, and the ancient exercise of meditation helps us grow deep roots in our relationship with God!  This Sunday, we’ll discover what meditation is, why it is so beneficial and essential for our growth as followers of Jesus, and explore how we can be a community who practices meditating on God’s word.

Would you pray with me for this Sunday as it draws closer?

1. Pray that God would continue to make His presence known to every person that comes or watches online.  God has divinely appointed us to be here and that is no accident!

2. Pray that, as a community, we would allow God to show us who He is through His word and we would truly worship Him in response to what He reveals to us this week.

3. Pray that we would have the courage to try exercising our faith through the act of meditating on scripture and allow God to speak to us through His incredible Word!

4. Pray for God to reveal someone in your life this week that you could invite to come join you this Sunday!  We even have e-vites if they’re a friend you regularly communicate to through email.

It is an amazing privilege and opportunity to speak with you this Sunday and my prayer is that God so interacts with our hearts as we worship Him together that we can’t help but leave changed… Every one of us!!

See ya Sunday!!


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