Giving Space, Sharing Joy

Real Life, you’ve been incredibly generous this year.  You helped us get our much-needed chairs and made room in our building and your hearts for new visitors.  The result was a record-breaking number of worshippers on the 6th!  This is wonderful, except for one tiny issue: the vast majority of those worshippers were in first service!

You’ve probably heard Jeff talk about room-occupancy studies before.  They indicate that a room feels full when it’s really only 75% full, and beyond that point, things just feel uncomfortable.  That’s why we have two services, and that’s why we need to ask for your help again.Giving Space, Sharing Joy

If you’ve been to first service recently – especially on the 6th – you’ve probably experienced the joy that comes from worshipping in a large group.  It has a special kind of energy that helps participants experience the Holy Spirit like almost nothing else can.

How would you like to help share that energy with second service?  Imagine having two big services, not so big that they’re uncomfortable, but big enough that they let everybody experience pure, joyful, community worship.  Consider taking all the energy and joy you’ve felt during great worship and gifting it to second service.  Ask some of your first-service friends to come with you if you don’t want to go alone.  Help the second service feel God’s presence the way you’ve felt it recently!

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