Expectations: A Day for Worship!

Hi all! I can’t wait for Sunday when we all gather together and connect with God and each other. It is something very special!

This week, as we continue our series “Talking with God,” we will focus on worship as a part of prayer. In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches the disciples, and us, the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer begins and ends in worship – the doxology adds “for Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever!” We want to incorporate worship into our everyday life, and this message will show you how prayer can help accomplish that.

I would ask you to come on Sunday with an expectancy of meeting God in a fresh way. Expect to speak to Him in worship, to open your heart and lift your spirit in recognition of the awe of God.

Expect to hear from God. Open your spiritual ears – you have them! – and listen to God. He desires to be heard.

This would be a great service to invite a friend to join you! Pray for an opportunity to invite someone. Remember: found people find people.

Pray that we could all be real and unfettered this Sunday as we worship, both in the morning services at at Worship Culture in the evening.

Pray for a full house! Everyone matters, and your worship will bless God and encourage everyone around you. You are the most important part of our collective worship.

I am praying this week for all of you. I love you, Real Life – more then words can express. You are an amazing church. I see Jesus in you!

I can’t wait for Sunday to get here! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. See you and your friends there!

Crazy about Jesus,


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