Followup on Prison Ministry: A Donation “May Not Be Much but It Is Theirs.”

Your Christmas giving had great impact! Here is a letter describing what happened to all of those donations you made to prisons in the area. Thank you, Real Life!

“Several weeks ago Ben and Katie Bradley collected Christmas donations from fellow members of your Church. The donations were subsequently distributed to young men and women incarcerated in seven prisons stretching from Portland to Chehalis WA. This letter is to briefly describe what the outstanding people of Real Life accomplished and why it is so important.

First, both the variety and considerable number of items donated by Real Life far exceeded anything received from any other sources. This was true a year ago and was more emphatically so this year. The generous spirit of giving within the Church is a blessing beyond measure. What a wonderful, kind gracious, and compassionate thing your Church did for those young men and women, none of whom they will ever know or see personally. In a meaningful way, Real Life did as Jesus taught His children in (Matthew 25:36) “. . . I was in prison, and ye came unto me.”

Second, the reason that Real Life’s giving was so vital, was that most, if not all, of the donated items simply are not available on a day-to-day basis. The State Department of Corrections provides what it can, considering its austere budget limitations. Keeping in mind that most of these young people have come from “nothing” and will return to “nothing,” the most basic of necessities routinely available to us, are really and truly, luxuries to them. They are not permitted to have many personal possessions in their cells, and what they do have, they cherish. For example, a small plastic hair comb is essential for grooming. Losing it will cause great anxiety and some times, depression. The comb may not be much but it is theirs. That is why all the “treasures” the members of Real Life provided were so important. Those things will become, have become, their personal possessions.

Pastor Jeff, the help of you and your Church for this ministry lifts the hearts of so many “inside the walls,” including staff as well as inmates. Thank you!

The Lord’s matchless blessing of love to you all.

(Larry Bradley, for)
Rick Terrazas, Missionary
Rock of Ages Prison Ministries
Vancouver, WA”

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