Coming Soon: MANVENTURE!


Hey guys – there’s an opportunity coming up that you won’t want to miss. It’s the ManVenture, a weekend dedicated especially to the dudes, giving them an opportunity to get away for a bit and do manly stuff like to play sports, eat, golf, and even shoot stuff! Plus there will be some great fellowship and worship, too!

We talked to Scott, the coordinator of the ManVenture, so he could give us a better idea of what to expect on this awesome weekend!

1. Call it what you want – we know this is a retreat. Why do guys need retreats?

Let’s face it- guys are not always the best at getting to know each other.  On Sundays we give a nod, say what’s up, and call each other friends, but don’t really build solid friendships.  In order to do so, we need to spend time together, and by going to this retreat, we have the whole weekend for just that – without women, kids, honey-do lists, work, etc.  I have seen great friendships build during our men’s hikes, but we know backpacking is not for everyone.  The retreat is something every guy can come to and enjoy.

2. What kind of stuff will we be doing? 

There will be lots of different things to do where we can spend time together.  There is an indoor gym where we can play basketball or volleyball.  Depending on the weather, we are looking to shoot guns or play golf one day.  The place also has a game room with a ping pong table, pool table, foosball, and other games.  We will have board games and possibly a poker tourney, too.  On top of all this fun stuff, we will be growing our faith in God together with some speakers, worship, and small group time.

3. There will be food, right? 

Yep, we will have dinner on Friday night, 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday morning.  The best part is that all of the food is provided by the retreat center, so we don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up afterwards!

4. Where do I sign up? How much does it cost? Where are we going, anyway? 

You can sign up online at and the cost is $90.  We will be going to the Jonah Retreat Center in Trout Lake, WA.  The dates are March 14-16th.

5. I’m still not sure I want to give up my weekend for this. Why should I come along? 

I know that we are all busy, but this world is crazy and it’s important that we surround ourselves with other men of God.  Nobody is perfect and we all are going to have our struggles.  There is a good chance that your struggles are the same as that guy sitting behind you in church.  We are meant to do life together, and who you surround yourself with can make a huge difference.  Yes, you may be giving up a weekend, but isn’t it worth it if you can build friendships that can last a lifetime?

Click here to sign up for the ManVenture!

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