Brave Girl Mother-Daughter 2014


On March 21-22, moms are invited to join their daughters in grades 3-6 at a special Brave Girl weekend! Katherine Center, motherhood writer, once said, “You have to be brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs.” This weekend is designed to help girls see their value as a creation of God, and for their mothers to join in the fun and inspiration.

Here’s children’s pastor Shelley Austin to share some insight on this great event!

1. What inspired you to create the Mother-Daughter Weekend? 

The idea for a Brave Girl Mother-Daughter Weekend was born in the pick up line at the end of our first Brave Girl Camp. As the moms arrived, the girls enthusiastically shared about all that they learned and the fun they had during their camp experience. Moms were moved to tears as they listened to their daughters talk about how their view of themselves had been transformed. We kept overhearing them say to their daughters, “I wish I could have been there!” “Next time I want to go!” In that moment, we realized the value and need for a Brave Girl Mother-Daughter experience. We went to work and held our first event that following February.

2. Why focus on girls in 3rd-6th grade, and why include moms? Why not “just moms” or “just daughters?”

The reason we focus on girls in 3rd-6th grade is we looked at the event as a follow-up, or extension of, our Brave Girl camp, which is for girls of that age. We include the moms because we want them to have an opportunity to not only hear what their girls are learning at Brave Girl Camp, but also empower them to reinforce those same meaningful messages on a daily basis at home. We feel this special time away is a great opportunity for moms and daughters to grow in their relationship with one another, which will help make both of them more prepared and open to sharing and receiving those messages.

3. What kinds of things will we be doing?

We will be hanging out, eating, making crafts, being silly, singing, listening to powerful truths about our value and purpose according to God’s Word, and just spending time “being” with one another as moms and daughters!

4. What’s your favorite part about this weekend? What gives it value?

My favorite part is watching the moms and daughters bond in new and richer ways. I love to watch as both moms and daughters let go of the cares of the world, get a little silly and laugh together – the good kind of laugh where your belly hurts! – and I love to watch as they slow down and just “be” in the moment, enjoying one another’s company as they learn things they never knew about each other before. I especially love to watch the Holy Spirit move in both mom and daughter as they discover the truth about the value that God places on them: that they are precious jewels uniquely created by the hand of the living God with a very special plan and purpose in mind.

Moms and daughters, don’t miss this incredible weekend! Sign up today!

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