I think the best way to describe how I felt about the arrival of spring is relieved. I actually said “oh thank God” out loud in my car when I drove past the first patch of daffodils several weeks ago. Sure, I enjoyed that late snow we got, but seeing the daffodils reminded me that the world was still capable of color. After so many months of gray and rain, I had almost forgotten that spring would happen.

Now we’re coming up on Easter, and color is everywhere. Flowers are blooming, people’s wardrobes are taking on brighter shades, and I probably don’t even need to tell you about the displays of Easter candy and toys in the stores. I’m loving all of it. Everything, from the return of the farmer’s market to the magazines’ recommendations of spring lipsticks to the trees flowering and going to leaf, reminds me of the time of renewal that’s come to us again. God renews the earth each spring, and each spring, Holy Week and Easter give us the opportunity to renew ourselves in Him.

If we’ve come to know Christ, we know that we can be renewed no matter what we’ve been through or what we’ve done. A couple weeks ago, Jeff told us how Jesus Christ is grace and truth in a person. Jesus is truth. He is forgiveness. His sacrifice is grace. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our heads around that, and it can be even harder to accept that grace and forgiveness as the gifts they are. But we don’t ask the flowers to bloom for us, nor do we ask the sun to shine through the clouds. They are all gifts to us, so we give thanks and worship, especially this week.

Spring is nothing less than the time when God wins our souls. We invite you to join us on Friday at 7 PM to observe Good Friday, traditionally the night on which Jesus had the Last Supper with his disciples and was betrayed, leading to his crucifixion. On Good Friday, it seems that the enemy has won, but come Sunday we celebrate Easter and see the truth: Christ is risen! We’re offering three services, at 9 AM, 1030, and noon, so there will be plenty of opportunity for all to come and celebrate with us!

We’re never so far gone that we can’t be renewed, and we can be renewed over and over, as often as needed. Join us and see for yourself!


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