Why Is It “Good?”

Good Friday from Real Life Vancouver on Vimeo.

Tenebrae services date back to the early centuries of the Christian church. The name comes from the Latin word for “shadow.” Tenebrae depicts the flight of the disciples and the approaching agony of the cross. At this Good Friday service, we will look at the events and teachings that occurred on Maundy (“the day of Christ’s great mandate”) Thursday and Good Friday.

Good Friday is a time for us to remember and give thanks for the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus on the cross for the sins of man. The service follows the journey from the upper room of the Last Supper to Judas’ betrayal and the harrowing hours in the garden of Gethsemane. From there we walk with Jesus to Pilate’s judgment hall, up Calvary’s Hill and down to the tomb of Joseph.

We remember this day not with sorrow – for we know the truth of His resurrection – but with reverence, as we are reminded of His great love and sacrifice on our behalf. Scripture says, “come, let us gather and remember the Lord is good!” So let us gather on Good Friday and remember as we prepare our hearts for the joy of the empty tomb and new life in Christ on Easter!

The whole family is invited to this special service. Childcare will be provided for kids ages 4 and younger.

We hope to see you tonight!

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