Baptisms Summer 2014: Learning from 3,000 Early Believers


We’re taking one of our most favorite celebrations beyond our doors! On Sunday, August 24, join us at Cottonwood Beach Park in Washougal for our first-ever outdoor baptismsThis is going to be a wonderful event and a unique opportunity to show our commitment to Christ as a church and as individuals. Bring your friends and family to celebrate!

If you’re considering getting baptized, revisit these baptismal devotionals every week from now until August 24. They will help you learn more about the sacrament of baptism and encourage you to prepare your heart and mind for taking the next step on your faith journey.

The verse for Week 3 is Acts 2:41:

“Those who believed what Peter said were baptized and added to the church – about three thousand in all.”

The three thousand this verse references are members of a crowd who witnessed the disciples speaking in tongues. The multinational crowd was amazed to hear their native tongues being spoken by these Galileans, and it caught their attention, giving Peter the opportunity to tell them about Jesus’s sacrifice. Those three thousand people accepted the message of Christ and were baptized as new believers.

We most likely won’t be speaking in tongues on the 24th, but we do hope to attract at least a little attention! We’ll be doing baptisms outdoors at Cottonwood Beach on the Columbia River. We have two picnic areas reserved, so there’ll be plenty of room for everyone’s friends and family to play games, eat, and finally gather together at 4pm to see new believers get baptized!

Do you want to be one of them? You can sign up to be baptized by clicking here!

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