From School Supplies to Shoes, Thank You

One of the things I love most about Real Life Church is your apparently endless spirit of generosity. You never shy away from sacrifice and you always rise to the call when there’s need to be met.

It was the spirit of generosity that made our summer kids and youth programs so successful. This July, you gave more than any previous year, which is even more tremendous considering July always has one fewer week of offering because of VBX Sunday. Overall, summer giving was twice as high as usual! This meant we were able to reach more kids than ever before with the message that God loves them and wants to be at work in their lives.

Now that school’s started, I thought maybe the spirit of giving would dwindle in the wake of increasingly busy schedules and the return to the fall routine. But that wasn’t the case. When the school year started and the time came to deliver the school supplies we’d been collecting for Gaiser Middle School, the trunk in our foyer was overflowing with backpacks, glue sticks, pencils, and toiletries for kids in need. I had tears in my eyes when I discovered that someone had purchased ten $30 gift cards to help kids buy shoes, food, and other necessities. There was no name on the envelope. I have no idea who gave so generously. But I’m grateful to them, I’m honored to share my church with them, and I know our Creator smiles on them.

We’ve also been in contact with Riverview Elementary, where they’ve asked us to meet a need for shoes for their students. Thanks to your gifts, and the generosity of the kids who gave during VBX in anticipation of meeting such needs, we’re able to provide shoes and additional gift cards to these children at short notice!

We’re going to continue collecting school supplies for both schools, and near Christmas, we’ll probably have a whole new set of needs to meet. For now, though, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for shining the life-changing light of Christ into the lives of children you may never meet.


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