Your Personal Ministry: Do Something!

Bet you didn’t think smiling or giving someone a hug could be used to serve God, did you?

The truth is, we all have something to offer which God can use to make a difference. Look at the list of service opportunities from Sunday. It includes everything from building maintenance to graphic design to baking to volunteering with kids. Some have a large time commitment; others will be called upon only occasionally. Some require years of training; most just ask for whatever you have to offer!

What you have to offer doesn’t have to be big – in fact, it shouldn’t be big. It can’t be, otherwise how would we trust God to do what only He can do? If you feel a tug to serve, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, follow through with it and see how God uses it and makes it great.

If you think what you have to give is too small, the truth is you’re just making an excuse to avoid being used of God. God gave you abilities and talents and resources, and if you’re open to it, God will call on you to use them, even if you don’t feel completely qualified to do so. That’s where He steps in, and that’s where great things happen. One person offered up a small lunch, and Jesus fed thousands of people from that one small gift. What miracles can He work from what you have to offer? Pay attention to that tug and see what happens next.

Try the prayer from this Sunday’s bulletin:

“Father, open my eyes to the need in front of me. Show me what I can do, then reveal Your power in what only You can do.”

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