Worship Night: Let Us Gather Together

Next Sunday, we’re dedicating an entire evening to worshipping our Creator. Maybe you listen to worship music nonstop during your commute, or maybe the four songs you sing on Sundays is the extent of your worship for the week. Maybe you raise your hands in passion or you stand quietly still before God. No matter how often you worship or what your style is, we’d like you to join us on the evening of November 9 to unite our hearts and voices in praise and thanks.

The whole family is invited! We always make an effort at worship nights like this to include children and youth and demonstrate to them to beauty and power of worship. (Childcare will be provided for kids age 4 and under.)

One aspect of worship we hope to emphasize is the idea of giving as worship. We will be collecting new socks for Open House Ministries, a local shelter that focuses on equipping families with the tools, networks, and skills to live healthy, independent lives. Sunday’s sermon addressed our personal ministries and the ways in which each of us can serve. Even if you struggle with feeling like you have nothing to offer in service of God, giving a simple pair of socks is one small way to show His love to our community. And what is worship besides reflecting God’s love back to Him?

So join us next Sunday, November 9, at 6:30 PM – and don’t forget your socks.

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