Worship Night: Driven By Joy

How do you define worship? Is it simply singing? Does it include prayer? Do you have to move a certain way or only do it at a certain time?

At Real Life Church, our mission is to bring Christ to those who don’t yet know Him. We do that in a variety of ways: by hosting outreach events like VBX and Neewollah; by serving at places like Share Ministries; by giving tithes and offerings; and by inviting our friends to come to church with us on Sundays.

But worship often feels like a private activity – something done communally, but for ourselves. That’s why we’re having a worship gathering this Sunday at 6:30 PM. The evening will be dedicated to worship through song, prayer, and giving, and it’s the perfect opportunity to invite someone to experience Christ.

God calls us to respond to Him through worship with our passion, prayer, mind, and muscle. Worship can be accomplished through more than singing – prayer, giving, and moments of silence are important ways in which we recognize, and give back to, our Creator.

The song we’ve been learning in preparation for our worship gathering includes the line, “Thy Kingdom come on the earth as above.” There’s no denying we live in a broken world – we see its effects everywhere. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that all we want to do is drop to our knees and plead for God to bring His Kingdom now, today.

But we forget that Jesus already brought the Kingdom, and now, because we follow Him, we are called to work with the Holy Spirit and bring the Kingdom ourselves.

This is where the idea of active worship comes into play. Worship is an act of obedience, a response of praise and thankfulness to the One who gives us everything. We can give of our hearts and spirits by singing, but for this worship night, we’re also going to give of our resources, by collecting new socks for Open House Ministries, a local shelter that focuses on equipping families with the tools, networks, and skills to live healthy, independent lives. On November 9, we’re going to be more than singers – we’re going to be Kingdom bringers.

Invite your friends and “bring thanks” – and socks. This worship gathering will be a special night you won’t want to miss. Remove the barriers and preoccupations that keep you from fully worshipping and lift your voices with us.

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