Worship Wednesday: “Son of David”

Take a few minutes today to give back to our Creator in worship!

This is a new song we’ll be learning on Sunday. It’s called “Son of David” by Ghost Ship, the band that did another regular Real Life worship song, “Orion.”

Familiarize yourself with the song and hear how the band was inspired to write the song in this video!


  • Love this song & really looking forward to worshipping Jesus together with you all this week! 🙂

  • Pastor Jeff spoke last week about intentional and specific prayer. So on my way to work each day I tried to turn down the radio and pray for 2 things in particular not thinking that I would see anything emediatly. We’ll for the week my son has not had 1 referral at school, when before he would have had 2-3 a day. Although I have not seen any improvement in the other issue I was praying for, I know whole heartedly that it was God’s presence that helped my son all week. Thank you God and Real Life.

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