Worship Wednesday: Beautiful Things

Take a few minutes today to give back to our Creator in worship!

This Sunday, we’re starting a new series, “Change.” This song looks at how God sees us for who we can be – our best selves – even when we’re at our worst. He can make the changes that seem impossible, and He can make our messy lives beautiful.


  • I love this song! Way better how our worship team sings it. But we won’t tell gungor that! Lol. I also like the song …about becoming new. Oh! New creation?! I think that’s the name of it. But this is the perfect time of year for a series like this with all the changes people want to make. I find I’ve been having a problem finding a good resolution. Last year I just wanted to always focus on the positive. I remember that if you are looking for it you will find it more often. It definitely seemed to work when I made that my focus. But this year I am struggling trying to put into word what I want to change. I listen to Jeff’s sermons and think to myself that I seem to be doing pretty good but…then why do I feel like I have so much to change? So much I should be doing differently… And why can’t I hear god telling me what I should be doing? Anyhow! Sorry for the long post. Lol. Can’t wait for Sunday so Jeff can answer all my questions! God bless! I’m glad real life found me!!


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