Two Things You Need To Know About This Sunday

We’re starting our new series, “Change,” this Sunday the 18th and there’s two things you need to know about it.


You need to be there because everyone has something in their life that they would like to change. When it comes to change, we have an easy time identifying and wanting it. But making it happen is something else entirely. Simply put, we can’t change – not on our own, at least. We need help, direction and hope if we’re going to really make change in our lives. This Sunday, we will see how God’s Word directs us to the true source and catalyst of change. We’ll see that by tapping into that source, we can develop the ability to begin making change that will last.


Bring a friend or family member with you! Be brave and invite – this could be a life-changing day. Everyone seeks change, but real change comes from connecting with God. The worship will be great, Kidz Life will be amazing, and the truth of God will be transforming! Don’t let people you care about miss it!

This is your best year ever!

I love my church,


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