Service Opportunities: Help Kids

We want to draw your attention to two new service opportunities in our community!

Office Moms & Dads are volunteers who sit with kids who are waiting in the DSHS office for social workers to place them, playing with the kids, talking to them, and just being with them for as long as it takes for those kids to be placed.

Office Moms & Dads operate on an on-call basis, signing up for timeslots that work best for them and keeping those available in case they’re needed at that time. You can learn more about this program at Embrace Washington and by reading this article from the Columbian.

The other opportunity we want you to be aware of is the brand-new Lunch Buddy program at Crestline Elementary. If you can commit to a 4-month period during which you can form a real relationship with a student, we’d love to have your help! This program asks a volunteer to come 1 day per week for the duration of the school year for a student’s 45-minute lunch period and just spend time with them. This could be working on school work, playing games, doing art, or other activities as decided upon by the pairing. The goal is to develop a stable relationship between students and an adult figure, which might be missing from these kids’ lives.

Both these opportunities give us a chance to come alongside kids in our community who might be hurting and need an adult presence in their lives. If either of these opportunities appeals to you, email Laura!

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