Baptisms: Spring 2015

Easter Sunday was this past Sunday and it was an amazing day! We held three services and all of them were full. We welcomed over four hundred and fifty people into our church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Many of those people were your own friends and extended family – people who wouldn’t normally attend Real Life. We were so excited to see all of our seats filled with new faces!

There’s another opportunity coming up to invite the same people back to worship at Real Life: baptism Sunday! We’ll be doing baptisms at both services on April 19th.

Baptism Sundays are always exciting days – we set up a pool inside the sanctuary and people come up to submit their lives publicly to Christ. Sometimes they’d been planning to do so, but often they simply feel called in that moment. We sing and worship and cheer the whole time, and the people who get baptized often have their friends, family, or mentors in the pool with them.

Essentially, baptism is a person’s public expression of their inward commitment to God. When a person recognizes the need for Christ in his or her life, he or she is welcome to come up to the pool and be baptized (though this is not the only time you can accept Christ!). Through this, he or she accepts God’s free gift of salvation and lets Him begin to work His miraculous change in his or her life.

Here are the people who got baptized last time:

If you’re considering getting baptized, revisit these baptismal devotionals. They will help you learn more about the sacrament of baptism and encourage you to prepare your heart and mind for taking the next step on your faith journey. If you’ve decided you want to get baptized, email us! We’re excited to see you Sunday!

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