Women’s Retreat 2015: Giving Opportunity

Women’s Retreat 2015 is coming up May 1st-3rd. We are returning to Anderson Lodge for a weekend of fellowship, worship, and plenty of fun, with a group painting activity and bunco night!

This year, for the first time, we’re happy to introduce a giving component to women’s retreat! Just like at our worship gathering, when we gather together, we’re able to worship not only through prayer and music, but through our giving.

At women’s retreat, we’ll be collecting basic clothing needs for incarcerated women in Clark County: specifically, new underwear, bras, and socks.

The WORTH Program through Second Step Housing is a volunteer-based group that provides support and encouragement to incarcerated women. The WORTH Program “aims to break the cycle of generational poverty and incarceration by ensuring incarcerated women have the resources they need before leaving jail.” WORTH volunteers visit these women weekly, providing nonjudgmental support, and also offer community resources and assistance with re-entry. They even run a quilting program to teach both women and men how to sew! The goal is that WORTH participants will build up the skills and resources needed to transition into a positive future.

Providing such a basic need as undergarments will make a big difference in the lives of these women. Bring your items to women’s retreat and Second Step Housing will distribute them to the women in our county who are most in need of caring community support!

There is only one week left to register for retreat, so sign up today!

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