Will You Get in the Pool?

Have you ever been in a Real Life service where we sing “Rabbit and the Bear?” I think God knows that’s our “theme song,” and the Spirit shows up every time. It’s loud, it’s a little rowdy, and it’s uplifting. For many, that song encapsulates our worship, and we feel most free to worship fully when we sing it. At the end of it, our hearts are filled to overflowing with God’s love for us.

You know that feeling? Imagine it stretched out across an entire service. That’s baptism Sunday!

We sing continually. We clap continually. When another member of our community emerges from the pool, their life transformed, we cheer!

If you’re the person getting out of the pool…well, your experience may vary, but suffice to say you’ll feel pretty great.

You know Jesus Christ is Lord. You know you want Him to take the lead in your life. You’re just not sure where to go next. Does this describe you? Maybe baptism is your next step on your faith journey, and maybe Sunday is the perfect day to do it. Getting baptized won’t instantly change your life, but it will symbolize the life change you seek, as your old life is washed away and you surface into your new life of obedience to Jesus Christ.

Read a little more about what baptism is and what it entails. Pray over it. If you know for sure you want to get baptized on Sunday, email us! If you’re not quite sure yet, keep an open mind and heart come Sunday. God may call you, then we’ll really have a party!

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