8 Things To Bring To Women’s Retreat You Might Not Have Thought Of

Excited for Women’s Retreat? Be sure to include these items when you pack:

1. Warm clothes! We’re doing a special outdoor worship session Saturday night, so bring something warm! (The weather is supposed to be great!)

2. Snacks! Last year, we filled two entire tables with snacks! Bring your favorites to share!

3. New bras, socks, and/or underwear! We’re helping support incarcerated women in Clark County by providing basic clothing needs through Second Step Housing. Bring your donations to retreat!

4. Your Bible! Wi-fi and cell service* at the lodge are, shall we say, not as good as we’re used to, so consider bringing a physical Bible with you.

5. $8 for painting! If you’re participating in our Saturday afternoon painting activity, don’t forget the $8 cover charge for supplies! You may also want to bring an apron or clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.

6. A travel mug! There will be plenty of coffee provided this weekend, but if you want to safely carry your beverage everywhere with you (and help save the environment), consider bringing your own thermos!

7. A swimsuit! The lodge has a sauna, so if you plan to take advantage of that, bring a swimsuit!

8. Floor pillows! If you have any of these, they can be put to good use at retreat! These can make worship more cozy, provide more seating around the wood stove, make small group sessions comfier, and more!

Check your email for the full packing list, sent April 22nd. If you have questions about retreat, email Laura! Also, if you want to get a ride from the church on the bus, email Laura and we’ll put your name on the list. There’s still room!

We’re excited to see you Friday night!

*In case of phone problems, you may want to leave the lodge’s landline number as an emergency contact. It’s 360-231-4248.

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