Summer Impact 2015

Summer is coming up faster than we think – in fact, VBX prep week is June 9-13! We had over 300 kids participate in VBX last year, doing fun activities that helped them learn who Jesus is and how much he loves them!

RLSM’s youth retreat is also coming down the pipeline, and last year nearly 60 students attended that awesome event!

These are just two of the many events and programs Real Life is blessed to be able to offer our community’s kids each year! We’ve been blessed over the last several years to have hundreds of volunteers and givers who generously offer their time and resources to help these events succeed, and we’re grateful for every hour, dollar, or snack given.

In your church bulletin over the coming weeks, you’ll probably see a special giving envelope that says “Summer Impact” on it. Any money you are able to put in that envelope will go towards helping make this summer as amazing, fun, and powerful as last summer. You can also give online!

Check out this video to see the kids themselves talk about the power of summer events:

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