VBX Everest: Faith to Move Mountains

Get ready to climb to the heights at VBX: Everest! This week of outreach and fun runs July 13-17th from 9a-12p daily. Kids will experience God’s word in fun and unforgettable ways, helping them learn to conquer challenges with God’s mighty power! All children age 4 though 5th grade are invited to join us. The whole week is FREE including the finale mini-musical and BBQ at 11:15 am on Sunday, July 19th!

Click here to sign your child(ren) up today! We already have nearly 100 children signed up, and we anticipate serving around 300 kids! Space is limited in the preschool group so if your child is in that age group, be sure to register ASAP.

Are you interested in volunteering at VBX? Last year, over 100 people gave their time to serve at this event! Click here to join the Climbing Crew!

You can also help us get ready by participating in VBX Setup Week, July 6th-11th. This is the time to transform the campus! We will be working the following hours:

  • Monday, July 6th 10a-3p
  • Tuesday, July 7th 10a-8p
  • Wednesday, July 8th 10a-8p
  • Thursday, July 9th 10a-8p
  • Friday, July 10th 10a-8p
  • Saturday, July 11th 10a-3p

Whether you can work every day or only one day, or just a couple hours here and there, we appreciate your help! We also appreciate your prayers as this event draws closer!

If you have questions about VBX or volunteering, please email Shelley.

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