New Series: Life Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of phone apps available for download. These apps can wake you up, show you where to shop, count calories, or log your exercise minutes. But they can’t actually make you get up, control your spending, manage your diet, or force you to exercise.

The app store isn’t the only place you can find apps. Did you know that the Bible has also given us many “apps” to enhance and improve our lives? These “apps” include trust, forgiveness, rest, satisfaction, encouragement, peace, and connection to community. Phone apps are great, but they only work if they use them. Biblical “apps” assume a relationship between the user (you) and the provider (God). That really changes how we view the application of truth! We’ll learn about these Biblical apps in our new series, “Life Apps,” starting this Sunday the 25th!

This Sunday, we’ll start with the app of confession. It sounds ominous, but it’s really an amazing step that leads to a reset in life and relationships. If you follow the app, it leads to life change and restoration. Confession is really a great Gift that God gives us.

See you Sunday!

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