See You at the River!

In just a couple days, we’ll have the opportunity to witness life change!

On Sunday, we’ll be celebrating baptisms. Baptism is a way to express outwardly our inward commitment to Christ. When someone has experienced deep and meaningful life change, or when their relationship with Christ has reached a new and impactful level that warrants special recognition, we encourage them to get baptized – even if they’ve already gotten baptized in the past! – so everyone can see and celebrate the work God is doing in their lives. At Real Life Church, we know that faith is not a one-time commitment – it truly is a journey, with lots of challenges, changes, and growth along the way. That’s why we celebrate baptisms as much as we do! We’re celebrating a person’s new life!

And with Real Life turning 10 this summer, we’ve seen a lot of life change: we’ve had the joy of baptizing over 300 people during that time! Now, we invite you to join us this coming Sunday, August 23rd, at Cottonwood Beach at Captain William Clark Park in Washougal for outdoor baptisms and a picnic!

Bring your own picnic to eat with other families at 2. We have two large picnic areas reserved, so invite your friends! The baptisms will begin at 4. We truly have a lot to celebrate, from the big things like a church’s anniversary, to the small beauty of single life being lived for Christ.

If you want to know more about what baptism is all about, check out our baptism page. If you want to get baptized this Sunday, just click here to fill out a short form to let us know you’ll be there! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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