Weekend Plunge: Giving As Worship

Next Saturday, we’ll be gathering at the church for another Worship Night. You could probably ask anyone in attendance at Worship Night what they like best about it and get a different answer every time, but one thing stands out: it’s a night for connection. We gather together to sing in community, connecting to each other, but we also gather to give our Creator praise through song and experience greater connectedness with Him.

That unity of purpose as part of what makes Worship Night so impactful, but we also wants to magnify that impact. If we are blessed (and we are!), then we should be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:2). With that in mind, at Worship Night, we’ll be taking an offering for our benevolence fund to support Real Life’s giving and outreach in our community!

Here are a few of the ways we’ve been able to funnel blessing into our community via the benevolence fund:

  • over a dozen pairs of shoes for Riverview Elementary students
  • a care package for a local student with leukemia
  • t-shirts for the Gaiser Middle School track team
  • monthly meal support for a Riverview student’s family while their mother goes through chemo
  • Christmas gifts for kids in our Real Life community

If you already tithe and you’re feeling a call to do more, additional giving to the benevolence fund is a great way to support Real Life Church’s mission beyond our walls. Worship Night may be a great opportunity for you to bring a gift of your offering as well as your praise. We’re excited to see God work in us at Worship Night, and to continue to see His good work done in our larger community!

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