Weekend Plunge: Who Are You, Really?

I’m on social media a lot, partly as a function of my job and partly because I’m a twentysomething American. (Although apparently lots of millennials are “unplugging” and dropping all their social media accounts to live more authentically or something? You guys are hard to keep up with!) Part of having a successful online presence is having a good bio in your profile, a short sentence that sums up who you are and why people should hang out with you online.

You know how hard it is to write one of those bios? Twitter only gives you 160 characters to explain Who You Are to the world! You have to think carefully about what facets of your life you want to include and rank what you most want people to know about you.

It’s hard, but not nearly as hard as trying to get to the root of our true identity as creations of God. That takes a level of questioning and introspection that not many of us are comfortable with.

But this post invites us to do just that: “Do you know something–anything–of your true, original, shimmering self?”

I don’t mean: Coffee Drinker, Jesus Lover, Crossfitter, Writer, Wife, Mama.
Those are your interests and investments.
I do mean: Who are you undressed and naked of the things that tell you who you are?
Who are you before you became a Jesus lover or mother or husband?
Who are you without your church, your hobbies, your performances and projects?

Those are scary questions. We’re not used to dissociating our value from our productivity or our roles, but the truth is, our value is so much more than those things.

These are the days for opening our two clumsy hands before the wideness of life and the allure of a God who stops and starts our hearts. These are the days for rubbing our two imperfect sticks together so we can kindle another feeble, holy light from the deep within–each of us alone and also for each other.

I encourage you to read the rest of the post and wrestle with those questions of who we really are. I deeply believe that the answer can change the world.


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