Love Mondays: Stewardship Isn’t Just About Money

There’s an old story that goes something like this:

A rich guy goes on a trip. Before he leaves, he calls his household employees together and gives them a task. Each of them get some money to manage for the boss while he’s away.

One gets $3,000,000.

Another gets $1,200,000.

The third one gets $600,000.

The boss is gone for quite a while. When he comes back, he calls his three employees in to evaluate their performance.

The first guy invested the money well. He was able to double the portfolio to 6 million bucks. The boss is thrilled, saying “Great job! My benefit will also be your benefit. I’m going to share the profits with you!”

The second guy also has good news: He doubled his portfolio, as well. The boss rewards him too.

Then the last guy tells his boss that he didn’t do anything with his portion of money. He was worried about losing it, so he put it in a checking account for the entire time. It didn’t earn a dime.

The boss is furious.

“You didn’t even put it in a savings account or an IRA to earn some interest? If I can’t even trust you with that, how can I trust you with anything I actually value?”

The Meaning of Stewardship

You probably recognize this as a parable told by Jesus. You can read the whole thing in Matthew 25.

We often hear this story talked about as an example of using our gifts and talents for God, and that’s certainly one of the obvious truths in the passage. We also tend to talk about stewardship simply in terms of talents or even directly in terms of money, like the passage does.

Sometimes we forget that good stewardship applies to all areas of our lives—our talents and our money, yes, but also our bodies, our brains, our emotions, our relationships and everything else.

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