Thankful Thursday: Celebrating Neewollah

Just a little JESTER of our gratitude!

Just a little JESTER of our gratitude!

It’s November, so what better time to think about being thankful? For starters, we are overwhelmed by gratitude for all the ways in which you helped make Neewollah a success! Over 600 people attended and over 60 volunteers helped donate and hand out prizes, stuff candy bags, run the games, and set up and take down every game and bounce house! Plus, you helped reach our community by handing out invitation cards, and you donated – drumroll, please – 14,000 pieces of candy! Thanks to your generosity, Real Life Church didn’t have to spend a cent on candy or prizes! (And we handed out some pretty sweet prizes, too!) Your giving and serving was a true answer to prayer.

We are especially grateful because this year, we seemed to have a huge number of first-time visitors – people who not only have never been to a Real Life service, but had never even been to Neewollah before! And that’s thanks to you being open to how God can work and having a spirit of invitation. Thank you for being so willing to share our small space with the people in your life! We can’t foresee the impact outreach events like Neewollah will have, but we know it’s gonna be good.

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