Love Mondays: Defeat Cynicism

Our God is a good and trustworthy God who will not give us bad gifts. This we know. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t bad in our lives now and then. Following Christ doesn’t give us a free pass out of life’s hardships, but it does mean we can face them with the knowledge that they are not stronger or more powerful than our God.

But how does that knowledge affect our response when our plans fall apart? What do we do when bad or just plain inconvenient stuff happens to us?

It can be very easy to fall into cynicism, but a cynical mindset “stems from disillusionment, and it can color every part of our lives, from our views on politics to the job market to the Church. Cynicism can keep us from taking risks, building relationships, trying new things and even trusting God.”

Read four ways to cut cynicism out of your life this week here!

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