Thankful Thursday: Set-And-Forget Giving

These days, if you find yourself wanting to support a cause, there are lots of ways to do so – Kickstarter, GoFundMe, hundreds of online charities, even microloans for businesses in the developing world. We’ve even made it easy to give to Real Life Church by accepting tithes and offerings online.

But now has made it so giving to Real Life can happen whenever you do your regular online shopping! Last year, we started participating in AmazonSmile, a special program which allows a portion of your purchase to be donated to the Real Life Church benevolence fund, without increasing the amount you pay. This fund is used to help support people and schools in our community, like providing shoes for students or holiday meal support for them and their families.

This week, we’re thankful to for making it so easy to give! If you want to participate, start by using this link to connect your regular account to Real Life Church’s AmazonSmile. After you complete this step, you can simply go to for future shopping and it will remember your purchases are supporting Real Life Church! (You can also click the badge on the right side of this page!)

The holiday season is hectic, but it’s also a vital time for us as a church community to shine the light of Christ on those around us. Hopefully, AmazonSmile can help you continue to give, even when you don’t have time to write a check! Use it for your holiday shopping this season and know that a portion of the sale will go to support Real Life’s outreach and giving in our larger community.

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