Christmas: God Whispers

In the great story of Christmas, there’s a single voice that seems to rise above everything else. God whispers throughout eternity, “Know Me.” It’s so simple, yet so profound. We can know God – in fact, He has come as a baby, as a savior, as a King. This season, pause and listen to the whispers of heaven declaring God’s love and mercy for us all in a simple message: “Know Me.”

On December 20th, Christmas Sunday, we’ll have three services, at 9 AM, 10:30 AM, and 12 PM. Invite your friends and family to this special Sunday! You’re also invited to attend more than one service – one in which you attend as a worshiper, and one which you adopt as a time of service. We always appreciate how Real Life is open and welcoming to guests and visitors, but at Christmas, we like to go the extra mile. Christmas is the number one time for inviting, so this is our chance to extend the love of God into our community like never before! Pick up some invitation cards on Sunday and hand them out!

We’re so excited for this beautiful season of love, generosity, and fulfilled promises. We hope to see you every Sunday!

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