Baptism Sunday is January 31st

We’re excited to have another Baptism Sunday coming up! Baptism is a person’s public expression of their inward commitment to God. When a person recognizes the need for Christ in his or her life, he or she is welcome to come up to the pool and be baptized (though this is not the only time you can accept Christ!). Through this, he or she accepts God’s free gift of salvation and lets Him begin to work His miraculous change in his or her life.

Maybe you’ve known for a while that getting baptized is your next step to take in your faith journey. Maybe you’ve only recently decided to get baptized. No matter what your journey has been, we look forward to seeing you in the pool! As always, family members and spiritual friends and mentors are invited to get in the pool with you.

You can read more about baptism at Real Life here, and if you’re thinking about getting baptized, this 5-day devotional can help prepare your heart.

We always welcome anyone who decides to get baptized spontaneously, but if you know you want to get baptized this month, click here to sign up! We are asking for a double portion of God’s blessing this year, and we can’t wait to see how that manifests in your life. Our relationship with Christ should always be growing and evolving and baptism is the perfect step to take if God has grown you over the last few months or years. We’re excited to celebrate with you!

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