Worship Wednesday: “Grace Alone”

We start a new series this Sunday – “Frequency!” Tuning into God means learning to listen for and talk to Him. Sometimes we have tough questions about communicating with God: can He even hear me? Does He still speak? If He does, how come I don’t hear Him?

We’ve all asked these questions to some degree. The truth is God deeply desires to communicate with you in a profound and personal way. Why? Because He loves you! This series is about removing the barriers that keep us from hearing God and hold us back from talking to Him in a real way. “Frequency” will help you make space to hear His direction so you can live in the intimate friendship with God you were created to have.

The first step is to clear out the barriers that keep us disconnected from God. Jesus has already done all the work for us, so now all we have to do is accept the help he offers!

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