Ash Wednesday: The Beginning of Waiting

This week, we begin the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. The Ash Wednesday service at 7pm helps prepare our hearts for Easter through a unique and special time of reflection and responding in worship to our God.

After that, it’s Lent, the forty-day season of reflection and preparation for the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a time of repentance, of considering Christ’s sufferings and rethinking how we are called to take up our own crosses. We invite you to fast, which means more than just giving something up – it gives us the opportunity to fill ourselves with the Spirit and the Word of God in place of certain meals, Facebook, sugar, or whatever you feel called to fast from this season. This year, we’re excited to offer three different Lenten devotionals – learn more about them here.

We just began our new series, “Frequency,” and Lent is the perfect opportunity to put into practice what we’re learning about communicating with God. Lent is a season of anticipation, of waiting on God’s perfect time for the perfect gift of Christ’s resurrection. You can learn more about the season of Lent here, and if you’re in a season of waiting beyond what’s usually endured during Lent, you may also find this article useful.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening!

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