Real Stories: Lloyd’s Prayer

We’re in the midst of our “Frequency” series, which we hope has helped you learn how to communicate better with God. Lloyd wanted to share this story about how spending quiet time with God changed his family…

Hi, my name is Lloyd and I have been walking with God since 2005. Early on in my faith journey, I watched a video by Rob Bell, called Noise. In a creative way, it basically said that if you want to hear God, you have to quiet yourself before him. It made sense, so I started praying more during the quiet times, like right before I got out of bed, or while I drove to work. I would listen and try to hear God speak. I felt that if I had a thought or feeling, and I knew that it was right, then it came from God. The Holy Spirit dwells within us, so anything that comes out of us that is good, I considered to be God speaking.

Early in 2015, I remember praying for my daughter Ashley. For those of you who don’t know her, she has some challenges, including sight in only one eye, and a severe peanut allergy. I was asking God to restore her sight and I felt the Spirit telling me “no.” Before I could argue, I immediately had visions of her doing gymnastics while other children watched. God continued to speak and to me and reminded me that that this is one of the things that makes her special.

In my other prayer, I asked God to remove her allergy. Again, God spoke to me, but this time, He said that He wanted her to ask for this.

It was at least a week before I said anything to her, but finally, an opportunity came up and I pulled her aside and asked her if she ever prayed about her peanut allergies, and shared what I had experienced. I told her to trust in the Lord, and that she can be confident that God comes through on His promises. The answer isn’t always yes, and sometimes God’s answer will be to wait. We all need to learn patience, so it could take years, but I assured her that her prayer would be answered eventually. I was sure of this, despite what the doctors told us.

I continued to pray, and once in awhile, I would ask Ashley if she was praying, which would lead into some pretty good discussions.

A little over a year had passed and Ashley was eating some cookies. She picked up a second one, and glanced at the label on the package. This is a cookie that she has had before, so there wasn’t much cause for concern, but the label had changed. Now it stated that “this product contains peanuts, and may contain other tree nuts.”

This really scared her, but luckily, nothing happened. It got us all thinking and again, brought back memories of our prayers and what we had experienced, so we decided that it was time to get her tested again. The last test we had done told us that she would not likely grow out of this allergy and her sensitivity to peanuts was extremely high, meaning she could never even build up a tolerance to them.

Before we made the appointment, we decided that we would do a simple skin test at home. To our surprise, after fifteen minutes, there was no reaction. Ashley was so excited at this potential and all of the possibilities in her future.

The next step was to make an appointment with her allergist and do some full testing. It was clear to us that God has his hand in all of this, but was her allergy gone, or simply reduced? Official Test results to come…

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