Call for Prayer: Women’s Retreat


Mark 3:7 (NIV) Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the lake…

Jesus often came away with his disciples for better focus and to give his full attention to things that really mattered. Today, we face plenty of pressure on our time and attention, which is why retreats are so important. This Friday begins women’s retreat. The team has prayed, planned and prepared for a weekend where the women who attend can meet with and learn from God. We are expecting God to do some amazing things in the hearts and lives of many women.

Will you join me in bathing this weekend in prayer?

  • Pray for all barriers to be removed so everyone can attend.
  • Pray for the speakers and leaders to experience a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit and share a clear message from the Father.
  • Pray for God to break through to every place in every heart that needs His touch.
  • Pray for a joy-filled spirit of community.

Dear Father,

You are so far above my ability to comprehend. You are greater than my words can describe. You are eternity and everything. You are Father and the one who enfolds me in Your loving arms. It is to you I bring my requests.

Father, this weekend You desire to do the remarkable in the lives of women at Real Life. Go before us and clear a path for Your spirit to work.

Move in the hearts of all the leaders, and bless their preparation and labor that it would bear much fruit.

Create right now a spirit of anticipation to meet with You in a fresh way.

More than anything else, I desire for Your will to be done. Nothing else will do. It is my heart’s cry.

Speak now, Lord – your children are listening.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I love my church,


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