Weekend Plunge: It’s Adventure Time

When I was growing up, summer was a time for adventure, to try new things. My parents took us on a week-long road trip through Oregon where I learned to love John Denver, ABBA, and The Beatles. I learned to play tennis at the Tualatin Community Center and how to navigate my city by bike. My friends and I caught crawdads down by the river and learned to avoid the “big kids” hanging out by the train trestle. Summer was a time to do something different, to explore and to try something new. Why not apply that same spirit of adventure to our faith? Why not try something new in our relationship with Christ this summer?

While on vacation, visiting a different church was sometimes a part of my summer experience. I remember visiting a small church in California with wooden walls where the pastor called us out as visitors in the middle of the service, welcomed us, and asked where we were from. My gregarious father stood in front of God and everybody and replied, “We’re from up North, in Oregon!” grandly pointing in what I assumed to be the correct direction of our seemingly alien home. I was both in awe and totally mortified (like any good teenager), and it helped train me how to act in new places and spurred on conversations about how and why we worship where we do.

Last summer, my family and I read a devotional book together. Without the press of school the following morning (or soccer practice) (or dance), we had a bit more time. My beautiful and resourceful wife found a great book called The Dinnertime Bible that we read after our evening meal in the backyard. It created space for good conversation and quality time and we all looked forward to the next story.

Summer opens up our schedules, but it’s also all too easy to fill them back up again, and sometimes the things God wants us to fit into our schedules fall by the wayside. So, how can we keep Him in our busy summers? How about finding a new adventure to try this summer? What new way has God been calling you to get to know him? Might there be a book to read? A place to go? An activity to try? If you are inclined, take some time and ask God about it. He’ll direct your path to new summertime adventuring with Him.

Matthew Lacy attends Real Life with his beautiful wife and two lovely children.  He likes to sit on the left hand side of the sanctuary (as you’re facing the stage) because he’s left handed and it’s easier to take notes that way.

Image credit: SteppeGrasse

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