Nazarene Vacations Goes Broadway!

I’m going to see “The Lion King”  with my daughter Sarah! I booked the show tickets on Nazarene Vacations, our new missional support travel program. When you book travel, shows, rentals, and more through Nazarene Vacations, Real Life receives a percentage of the cost difference. We saved money on our tickets and the mission of Real Life Church benefits!

So if you have not signed up to get your free access code, join here! You’ll receive a unique login and get access to all the deals Nazarene Vacations has to offer, including some last-minute getaways and sports tickets. Plus, you can rest easy knowing your vacation is benefiting the mission of your church!

If you have signed up already, log on and check out everything they have available! Bookmark that page, save it to your favorites, or write yourself a good old-fashioned sticky note to remind yourself to check in often. (Football season is coming…)

Check out the links below to learn more about Nazarene Vacations, its mission, and how it ties in with your current giving. It’s a new and different opportunity for us, but it has huge potential for your family, for Real Life, and for the Gospel!

I love my church!


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